Meet Your Specialist and Biggest Supporter

Nicole Maryse

Nicole Maryse

My path into the fitness world isn't you're typical story. When I was 20 I was in a workplace accident. I was a service technician and was 30-feet high on a pole when I fainted and fell, like a cat, on my feet. I was rushed to the hospital and though I miraculously had no broken bones, I did sprain both knees and suffered from an uncommon anteriorly bulged disk in my lower back, L4-L5, as well as hip displacement. I lived for many years in pain and was instructed by a top doctor in Toronto that I would live in this pain forever. However, I could “make it better” by avoiding: sports, high heels, dancing, bumpy roads, boating/water sports, sitting for long periods, you get the picture. I lived like this for years until a family friend with a similar back injury changed my world. He told me he began working out and slowly but surely his back started to feel better and his pain wasn't as constant, intense, or debilitating. And here I am.

Today I pride myself on strengthening both myself and my clients from the ground up. My road to recovery started the day my very first trainer explained the importance of stretching, effective core strength (NOT CRUNCHES!) and functional movement to me. Since then, I have educated myself regularly through various workshops and courses by some of the top fitness professionals. I pride myself on targeting, addressing, and rebuilding the root cause of weakness, imbalance and instability. I work hard to achieve strength by focusing on functional movement patterns and proper stretching.

Notable Certifications:

2013-2014 - Personal Training & Pre & Post Natal Specialist
2015 - Functional Muscular Assessment & Graduated Exercise Methods (FMA & GEM) - Level 2
2017-2018 - Facial Stretch Therapist - Level 1 & 2
2019 - Low Back Pain Specialist
2019 - Animal Flow Certified
2023 - Ultimate Human Performance Stretch Method Level 3 Certified

Other Fun Achievements:

2015- Strongman Run - Germany
2016 - Worlds Toughest Mudder - Las Vegas
2017 - Tough Mudder - Whistler
2019 - Spartan Race - Toronto
Lover of Surfing, Toronto Argos & Leafs, reading and cocktails