Reclaim What's Yours

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“Remember I'm here to help you reclaim the body you were born with. A body that moves with fluidity, without restriction, and with purpose. A body that is pain free.”

Heidi T

"To anyone out there who has ever struggled with fitness and body image, I hated working out. I hated sweating and getting active in front of others. I always felt judged and like I "couldn't do it". Don't get me wrong I still have many days where my aversion to exercise and my low body self image win; but since working with Nicole there are more good days than bad. Her kindness and encouragement have built a warm, welcoming and FUN environment for any woman who is looking to increase her activity. Everyday her fitness program is different, targeting different muscles and with different themes.

I suffer from a bad back and weak wrist and Nicole has always acknowledged and accommodated my personal fitness needs within her classes. Her groups always share a lot of laughs and have grown to be a supportive sisterhood of badass ladies. Over the years, Nicole has become more than a coach, but also a supportive friend whose knowledge of muscles, fitness and eating habits have helped me to become more confident in myself. I can't say enough good things about her program!"


Jillian C

"I started seeing Nicole in 2018 for FST. I had been running often and started to have issues with hip pain and tightness after running. I also injured my lower back while working out. I couldn’t sit for long periods; I was unable to be as active as I wanted. I tried massage and was taking anti inflammatories with no relief. It was having a negative effect on my mental health. I knew of Nicole and her FST work as I followed an online fitness group that she was a part of and I decided to reach out to her. We worked on fairly regular basis for the first few months and I was impressed by the results. I could run again; the tightness and pain has never returned even after not having any sessions in over 6 months. I still remain active on regular basis. Nicole has always been professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Nicole for FST to see if it might help you feel your best!!"


"Nicole is my trainer and fascial stretch therapist. I call her " my angel" because she has turned my life around over the past six years. As I suffer from scoliosis and lower back problems, she is, hands down, the most qualified person to train me.

As a result of Nicole's training, I have seen an enormous transformation in my strength and mindset. I love the fact that each session is different (as I am easily bored.) I feel that Nicole designs and modifies her programs based on my needs. The best part, after each kickass session, I feel like I could conquer anything! With her training, I was able to complete a Spartan race this year!

Her 60-minute FST sessions are invaluable to me. Nicole's knowledge of my body's needs from training have enabled her to restore and rehabilitate my muscles, thus enabling me to perform better. Every time I leave the table, I feel like I am walking on a cloud!

In my opinion, you won't find a more personable and more qualified trainer/ fascial stretch therapist in Durham."


"Thank you so much for opening some time in your schedule to have me come in. As you know I’ve had a lot of therapy in the past; Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Physiotherapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Acupuncture and Dry Needling. I have to say that your approach really stands out and is what I’m looking for to help me manage my pain and improve performance in the gym/cycling.

I have never had someone give such feedback in an email as a follow-up before and it’s very much appreciated. You definitely helped fire up my passion to do more FST, so thank you for that as well."


"I am so glad I found Nicole. She has had such a positive impact in my life. I started working with her this past spring because I knew my body needed more love & support. I am an avid runner and have been working as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 15 years, I teach A LOT of classes and am always moving. I already knew the benefits of foam rolling and stretching, but what I was doing on my own just wasn’t cutting it. Even massages weren’t helpful in reducing tension and relaxing my overworked muscles.

It only took ONE session with Nicole for me to notice a huge difference in my body. Each session I have with Nicole I leave feeling 100% better in my body- no pain, no tension and improved strength and fitness gains that are absolutely attributed to the increase of length and relaxation of my fascia. If you are dealing with any body pain, or have personal health & fitness goals you want to reach, or you want to sleep better & just feel good in your skin, then FST is an absolute MUST for you."


"I have been training with Nicole for the past five years. I have participated in personal training, group classes and her unique FST treatment. I find her not only professional but educated and informed on all aspects of her business. She might be tiny but her classes are full of fun and vigor and she shares her knowledge on what to do for maintenance between sessions.

She helped me with sciatica and a torn meniscus with her Fascial Stretch therapy. I had previously gone for Physio, cupping, acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy and nothing helped ease the pain. Within a few sessions I was able to walk without a limp and raise my knee higher than a foot off the ground. As a bonus, her stretches leave you feeling relaxed and lengthened.

I am excited to join her at her new training studio where she is incorporating new training experiences. If you want to have fun and get in great shape, this is the experience for you!"

Angela S

"As a client of Nicole’s for nearly 8 years I can say she works magic. She has been a huge part of my fitness journey - cheering me on through strength gains, mentoring me through injury and supporting me through life’s ups and downs. Nicole is always furthering her knowledge and brings that expertise to each and every one of her clients. I can’t express how many times I have come in with an injury or pain and Nicole has accommodated the workout for me without missing a beat. It’s incredible! I have seen my strength increase and friends around me comment on the differences all the time. Trainers like Nicole are one in a million and I am so lucky to have found her!"