At Roots2Rise We Focus Our Training On Functional Stability

Our goal for you is to obtain functional stability both in active and daily living. We believe in starting at the basic’s and building a solid foundation.

Our training systems utilize the slow grind of stability and durability movements, it will fire up the anerobic system with high intensity interval training, challenge the body through strength, power and mobility progressions and establish functionality through active release and stretch.



1-ON-1 TRAINING includes an initial assessment to establish any limitations, overall range of motion and movement patterns. Our coaches develop a personalized program designed to encourage you to hit your goals while targeting a stable foundation and functional corrections. Sign Me Up.

POWER CLASSES are carefully developed to create a balance between functional movements and explosive power progressions. Classes are kept small so that we can give personalized coaching to encourage form, push limits and reinforce positive energy output. Sign Me Up.

45-Minute Classes Run: Tuesday & Friday
Zoom/Virtual: 8:00 AM

ANIMAL FLOW classes emphasize our body’s primal movement patterns. It focuses on strengthening the body’s mobility, stabilizes the mind body connection while developing fluid coordination and challenging its endurance and stamina. Sign me up.

60 - Minute Intro Class 4 Week Series: Monday's @ 7pm
Starting September 13th

Rebuild Your Power
Rebuild Workshops


Low Back Pain Workshop
One of the top reasons people are using their sick days is for musculoskeletal cases, most commonly low back pain. This workshop will coach your team on the basics of low back pain. What causes it, daily strategies to reduce or alleviate the pain or tension, as well as stretches and movements that can be done in the office or at their desk. Arming your team with this basic yet essential knowledge will give them to the power to take back control of their pain all from the comfort of your office.

Workshop: This workshop is done at your workplace. Please inquire for booking.

Foundational Movements Workshop
Together we focus on the 7 primal foundational movements that are evident not only in day to day living but in all elements of an active lifestyle. We break down proper form, regressions and progressions of each move, the importance of its functionality and key elements and takeaways.

It’s vital to know, understand and execute proper form during all movement.

Stretch Workshops
Stretching should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. It doesn’t need to be long or daunting. Sometimes it’s just a quick 10 minutes in front of the TV at the end of the day. Our goal in this workshop is to work through active release using foam rollers, tension balls, myo-bands and self release. Sessions target common tension areas and aim to educate you on how to maintain balance and fluidity in your body through daily living, active release and functional changes.

All equipment is provided during the first session and yours to keep!

Workshop: Dates To Be Released