Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy, commonly known as FST, is a deep stretch of the fascia which connects your whole body together. To see the gentle, guided stretch flow of FST and how it can help you, check out the video below

What the heck is Fascia?

Let’s break it down quickly. Fascia is a band of connective tissue that lies beneath the skin and attaches, stabilizes and wraps around every nerve, muscle and organ in our body. In essence fascia keeps us up and moving on a daily basis and though it is very flexible it has a very powerful memory! Think of it like Play-Doh – you can mold it in to whatever you like as many times as you like but if you leave it in one spot for too long it will get hard and takes some elbow grease to get it warmed up and moving again.


So then what is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

FST is a pain-free stretch session that utilizes stabilization straps to best obtain traction and active release. As our specialists release the fascia they move through a gentle flow targeting not just one muscle, but entire lines of muscles and joints to traction out, open up and release tension.

FST is designed to retrain the fascia to hold “new memories” of how it can achieve function with increased range, mobility and stability. In just a few sessions clients have walked away with less or no pain at all in areas that they experienced chronic pain or discomfort.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Massage and FST work AMAZING when paired together. Our FST specialists’ assess the body from a global standpoint and work through multiple lines of fascia, often at the same time. FST is a stretch of the fascia and joints, not a rub, knead, or trigger point release of the muscles. We will often work in conjunction with massage therapists to relieve issues our clients are experiencing.

We are firm believers that everyone can benefit from FST! You don’t have to be in pain, lack range of motion, have unstable joints or functionality issues. We all get into bad habits whether we realize it or not and it’s our responsibility to treat our bodies with care and proper movement!

Client's we see:

  • Athletes looking to take their performance to the next level
  • On the road sales people looking to relieve their chronic lower back pain
  • Stay-at-home and new mom’s suffering from headaches and shoulder tension from carrying and breastfeeding
  • School teacher’s with achy hips and back
  • Commuters spending hours in their cars or on the GO Train
  • The active individual that doesn’t suffer from any injuries, aches, pains or range of motion issues but feel like they’ve hit a plateau in their workouts
  • YOU!

Totally! Often during a 1-on-1 training session we will take a quick break to release tension in the hamstring to stop the back from pulling. Or release out tight calves to reach a deeper squat. Or open up the latissimus dorsi or shoulder joint for a stronger overhead press. We do stress that after a treatment it’s important to remember that your range has increased and your body will move more freely than it is used to. We encourage you to be careful when lifting heavy and quick high speed agility movements.

FST is backed by science and is part of an ongoing research study at the University of Arizona Medical School*. It is actively used by a variety of celebrities, sports organizations and corporations to improve their performance, reduce their stress and enhance their quality of life:

Celebrities: U2’s Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Charles Barkley

Sports Teams: various Olympic athletes and universities, numerous CFL (Toronto Argos, B.C. Lions), NFL (San Fran 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills), NBA (Memphis Grizzlies, Seattle Storm), and MLB (Arizona Cardinals, Boston Red Sox, St Louis Cardinals) teams

Organizations: Google and Microsoft organizations.

This list is not exclusive and an increasingly number of athletes and professionals are incorporating FST practice into their active fitness routines.

*The study is analyzing the effects of FST on chronic low back pain.

FST is taught through the Stretch To Win Institute which is not governed by a college, thereby no registered numbers can be submitted to insurance. However, some companies offer a Wellness Benefit program or Wellness dollars and FST has in the past been accepted under this umbrella.